Thursday, February 10, 2011


                                           COMPUTERS 20 YEARS FROM NOW

This 20th century computer is very famous in this century, almost all of the people know how to use computers even a kid, elementary and high school students knows how to use it. Now as the new generations we are figuring out what will be the future computers to be invented twenty years from now. Me myself I am also imagining what will be the new face and functions of computers after 20 years. Is computer will remain be the most top gadgets of all? Or computers will fade like shirts, die like people? What will be the computers twenty years from now?

As I imagine twenty years from now I can imagine that computers will still remain as the center of all. It means center of all aspects. In school students have already their computers. Teachers will no longer be in school because all students have their class but instead of manual teaching students will rely on computers as the teacher instructed their students what to do by the use of computer.
In our highways, there will be no more public utilities it will be change to automatic trains and buses instead of driver there will be no more drivers but all transportation are run by the use of computers. With the help of computers the people invented the gadgets to help transportation convenient and help people travel faster than today. They invented the flying cars and automatically fly by computers without using fuels, diesel etc.

In department stores you will not be worry in times you will shop in their stores because you will now choose what you want to buy in the store in the computer you will search in the monitor what you want to buy. And after choosing what you want to buy, your chosen item will automatically comes out to the customer’s place after paying your bill after that you will get your grocery items packed in plastic bags.
In terms of our mother earth now we are problematic about our ozone layer after twenty years we will not be problematic about that because in that time with the use of computers people will invent a gadget that will help saving our world especially the thinning of our ozone layer. Gadget will be invented gadget which makes the ozone layer thick and protect from the direct radiation of the sun and also to prevent from global warming.

What an imagination! I can’t imagine that will come to my mind. I know that will not be my imagination because in times that will happen because I know we people are creative and intelligent. So I think it is not impossible. Don’t laugh because I know you smiled because my imaginations are too wide and impossible to happen. But I know now you are also imagining if that would happen. Am I right?

As the years pass by the world will be assisted by robots. It means the people and robots will be together as their partners or helpers. With the help of computer experts, analyst, programmers, and other professional whose specialty or field are computers all of these will be done. We are so thankful that those gadgets were invented because we feel so comfortable and do other things easily. Thank you to all professionals in the field of computers. I will do my best to graduate my course because I want that I will be one of those who will help my imaginations come true.

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